[b-hebrew] BH verbal nunation, update

Vincent DeCaen decaen at chass.utoronto.ca
Fri Mar 28 11:36:11 EST 2003

dear friends,

an update on the nunation study in the larger context of corpus 
linguistics and biblical criticism:  the programmatic paper on nunation 
has been accepted for JNWSL, and the current draft is available in my 
papers directory http://wwww.chass.utoronto.ca/~decaen/papers/

if you want to supply criticisms, suggestions, etc., my deadline is the 
end of this weekend.

the revised database is almost done, and results will be forthcoming, and 
with any luck also presented at the upcoming SBL.

the monograph on corpus linguistics for BH morphology should be ready 
before year's end.


p.s. i'll be grateful for any bibliography on BH dialectology since, say, 
2000 onwards.  if you're working on something now, i'd love to hear about 
Dr Vincent DeCaen
Research Associate
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
University of Toronto

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