[b-hebrew] words for fool

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> The "senility" comment was in reference to Jim's original post (an 
> attempt at humor), i.e.,
> > >im slipping into senility and can only recall 3 words normally used in
> > >proverbs for fool- letz, kesil, and pethi.  what am i forgetting?
> But since you mentioned it, is there no recognition of the slipping 
> of faculties with age in the HB?  The DSS take into account the loss 
> of abilities as people age.  Maybe someone on the list has looked 
> into biblical attitudes towards aging...

That it was recognized is obvious from 2 Sam 19.36 (Heb.  35 Eng)

B.eN_$:MoNiYM $fNfH )fNoKiY HaY.oWM Ha)"Da( B."YN_+oWB L:Rf(

To "know good and evil" is a hediadys for "to know all things".  What single 
term they may have used for the condition is what is not known.


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