[b-hebrew] words for fool

Daryl F. Jefferies djefferi at chorus.net
Wed Mar 19 15:52:39 EST 2003


M.V. Fox lists "...in a continuum from ingrained moral defect and 
unchangeability to relative innocence and improvability": 'ewil, 
letz, kesil, hasar leb, ba'ar, and peti (Anchor Bible, Prov. 1-9, pp. 
38-39).  I'm not sure which one is used for senility...

Daryl Jefferies

>In a message dated 3/19/2003 3:11:35 PM Eastern Standard Time,
>jwest at highland.net writes:
>>  im slipping into senility and can only recall 3 words normally used in
>>  proverbs for fool- letz, kesil, and pethi.  what am i forgetting?
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