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Sat Mar 15 12:56:32 EST 2003

> > the SBL southeastern regional meeting in chattanooga ...
> > 
> > a brilliant grad student at duke presented a fine paper on the maskilim 
> > of daniel as pacifists...
> Any mention of the maskilim of the DSS? Such 
> a mention could be contemporary with Dan 11, 
> as 1QM 1 should be.
> Ian

she is in fact working on the whole spectrum of materials from daniel through 
enoch and the dss.  her paper was focused on just this aspect however.

im going to find out when and if she plans on publishing her findings.

on another note....

the snake handler presentation was very intriguing with the presenter arguing 
that rather than being merely a bunch of back woods hicks- the handlers 
actually operate on a fairly well worked out theology and blend fundamentalism/ 
the holiness movement/ and the church of god.

his approach was sympathetic and he urged understanding rather than outright a 
priori rejection.  but im still not going to handle any snakes!  ;-)

i dont even like bugs.....    (calling all freudians..)

this afternoon is a panel discussion on the trible book *god and the rhetoric 
of sexualtiy*.  i'll let you know how it goes.

from cloudy chattanooga...


Jim West, ThD

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