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Sat Mar 15 07:32:49 EST 2003


im here at the SBL southeastern regional meeting in chattanooga and wanted to 
let listers know a couple of interesting things discussed so far.

first, a brilliant grad student at duke presented a fine paper on the maskilim 
of daniel as pacifists (not the title- just a summary).

second we listened to a very interesting paper on the psalms of ascent in which 
the presenter suggested that psalms 120-134 were framed in such a way as to 
allow the reader to hear a call for peace in them (120:5-7 being programmatic).

then we heard a very fine paper on samson and his search for power by covering 
his shame.  

i will send along note of the more interesting papers as time permits.  by the 
way- loren crow's work (on the psalms) has come up a couple of times (and that 
in a most positive light).




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