[b-hebrew] baccar l- "in distress"

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Fri Mar 7 09:59:36 EST 2003

Taking BAC.AR in Is 25:4 as an adjective seems to make more sense to me
than as an infinitive construct. 
Would the infinitive construct be Qal (if so, why no Holem) or Hifil (if
so, why no He)? 
How are similar phrases (especially the identical phrase in 2Chron 15:4)
understood in HALOT and the database? 

Ken Penner, McMaster/DSS

> I am reading Is 25:4 and have come to the expression "baccar 
> l-" about the person in need:  when he is in distress.  HALOT 
> says this baccar is a form of the intransitive nuance of the 
> verb crr (tsade resh resh):  to be cramped.  Is it thinking 
> inf. cstr.?  As it appears the Groves-Wheeler Westminster 
> Morphology and Lemma Database (WTM) (Copyright (c) 1991-1992 
> (Release 1), 1994 (Release 2), 1996-2000 (Release 3), and 
> 2001 (release
> 3.5)) tags it?  My question is then, why does it appear to 
> have the definite article?  I know there are exceptions to 
> just about every rule, is this supposed to be an exception to 
> the rule that inf.cstr. does not take a def.art.?  Isn't it 
> easier to interpret this as the noun 'car' (need) as we find 
> it in Is 26:16 according to HALOT itself?  

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