[b-hebrew] Job 12:16 interpreted in context of Is. 45:7

Bearpecs at aol.com Bearpecs at aol.com
Thu Jul 31 17:40:45 EDT 2003

Before lambasting an author's use of "weal and woe", two perfectly good 
English words, we should remember that this is POETRY.  It is appropriate to the 
genre to seek out words which may not be in everyone's day-to-day vocabulary but 
create a very euphonious assonance.

If however we are aiming for a simple rendering, I would suggest:
"  Forming light and creating darkness;
   Producing well-being and creating harm; 
   I am [You-know-who] Who produces all of these."

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jwest at highland.net writes:

> Further, what other occurences of r'a would merit
> such a rendering?  "evil" or "wickedness" seem to be the standard
> understanding

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