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At 12:22 PM 7/31/03 -0700, you wrote:
>On 31/07/2003 10:44, Jim West wrote:
>No, I don't recall it. There is nothing in my Bible about God making red 
>marks on my skin. This isn't even in KJV. What is it, Wyclif? What do 
>you mean? Please use English or Hebrew, not some obsolete form of 
>English which I don't understand.

what are these red marks?  do you by chance mean something like welts?  and
i cant help what you dont understand.

but, re the notion that God brings trouble into the world- take a look at
the following brief examples:

Is 24:1,
Is 45:7 (where God says- I create evil)  (hmmmmmm.....)
Jer 13:16
Jer 18:11

Im sure, Peter, if you try you may even be able to find some of these sorts
of texts on your own- unless your welts hinder you.

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