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Dear Dean:

Thisis not so much a question of Hebrew language, but context.

The general context of the book of Job is that Job has suffered a series of problems, and he is saying “Why me? What have I done to deserve this?” The basic message of his three “friends” was “You had us fooled, what horrible wickedness did you do to deserve this?” Job, however, was a better man than I leading him to the conclusion that “God must have treated me unfairly.” God set him straight on that.

In the immediate context of Job 12, Job is answering his “friends” that he knows as much as they, and verses 9–10 that God owns all. Verse 16 is a continuation of the thought, that everything and everyone belongs to God, whether they acknowledge it or not.

You understood the Hebrew well enough for verse 16, you just need to keep it in context.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: Dean Young <Dean.Young at CDA.CenterPartners.com>
> Good morning,
> I had a question on this verse of scripture. It says:
> 		"With him is strength and wisdom:  the deceived and the
> deceiver are his"
> Now I'm not fluent in hebrew.
 I'm just looking for a little explanation
> on the verse and it's context. 
> Thanks,
> Dean Young
> John 3:3
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