[b-hebrew] “stones”_in_Exodus_1:16

waldo slusher waldoslusher at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 16:53:08 EDT 2003

--- Karl Randolph <kwrandolph at email.com> wrote:
> To All:
> Exodus 1:16 seems to use “stones” in a very
> colloquial way to refer to a body part, identical as
> we do in English. Do I read this correctly? Out of
> the 126 times ”stones” is used in plural, this is
> the only such use.

Here's the NET Bible note:

tn Heb "at the birthstool," but since this particular
item is not especially well known today, the
translation simply states "at the delivery."

Besides, there would be something far more obvious
than the "stones" if it were a boy.

Waldo Slusher
Calgary, AB

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