[b-hebrew] $dy in Job LXX

CS Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 29 15:50:18 EDT 2003

Taking a look at the rendering of $dy in the LXX of Job, the most striking
divergence from the norm was Job 8:3  ho ta panta poiesas "He who created
all things."  In the various discussions of the meaning of $dy (HAL, John
Day, F.M. Cross, etc.) this LXX rendering does not get much notice. Perhaps
it doesn't deserve much notice. The LXX of Job is as problematic, or perhaps
more so than the LXX of Daniel.

What do you Hebrew lexical semantics experts think about this?
Is ho ta panta poiesas a viable paraphrase of $dy?

Clay Bartholomew 

The translation equivalents for $dy in Job from E.Tov's MT/LXX database:

Job 5:17
$dy    pantokratoros
Job 6:4
$dy    kuriou
Job 6:14
$dy    kuriou
Job 8:3
$dy     ho ta panta poiesas
Job 8:5
$dy    pantokratora
Job 11:7
$dy    ho pantokrator
Job 13:3
$dy    kurion
Job 15:25
$dy    kuriou pantokratoros
Job 21:15
$dy     hikanos {---%}37
Job 21:20
$dy    kuriou
Job 22:3
l$dy    to kurio
Job 22:17
$dy    ho pantokrator
Job 22:23
$dy    kuriou
Job 22:25
$dy    ho pantokrator
Job 22:26
$dy    kuriou
Job 23:16
w$dy    ho ~11 de pantokrator
Job 24:1
m$dy    kurion
Job 27:2
w$dy    kai ho pantokrator
Job 27:10
$dy    {..~autou}13
Job 27:11
$dy    pantokratori
Job 27:13
m$dy    para pantokratoros
Job 29:5
$dy    hulodes
Job 31:2
$dy    hikanou {---%}37
Job 31:35
$dy    kuriou
Job 32:8
$dy    pantokratoros
Job 33:4
$dy    pantokratoros
Job 34:10
w$dy    kai enanti pantokratoros
Job 34:12
w$dy    e ho pantokrator
Job 35:13
w$dy    autos gar ho pantokrator
Job 37:23
$dy    ---14
Job 40:2
$dy    hikanou {---%}37

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