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Deborah Millier deborahmillier at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 29 13:05:54 EDT 2003

B. Beers wrote:

> I have managed to find one 
> set of audio BH online, 
> which I downloaded. The 
> audio is OK, but it is not 
> divided according to 
> chapters -only books, and 
> then by file size (I think).

Good for you!  Maybe you can share the URL with the
list.  I for one would like to know how to receive (I
assume) a free audio TaNaKH.

A quick question regarding audio BH and "organic
language learning:" would you really *want* chapter
divisions?  In audio?!?!  Wouldn't it be more helpful
at this stage to get the sense divisions that the
author(s), or at least the Masoretes, intended for us
to perceive.

> I have yet to find a set 
> that I can purchase. Do 
> you (or anyone else) have 
> any suggestions for where 
> to find such resources?

Randall Buth has some resources and links at his web
page (www.biblicalulpan.org).  The following excerpted
from his intro kind of sets the tone for his approach:

"The methodology is based on listening comprehension
approaches to language learning and has been
successfully developed and adapted to many modern
languages by Harris Winitz [of "The Learnables"
language series fame-- Michael]."

"[At Buth's Summer program in Israel...] the student
enters a world of Biblical Hebrew and begins to
interact with the language directly without the
mediation of a second language.  Through this process,
the new language actually gets 'wired' into the brain
a different way than through a different language. 
This forms the basis of new learning approaches that
can be used to get beyond the traditional impasse of
only building a "language monitor". (Monitor is a term
from second language acquisition theorists.  A
'monitor' is a system of rules and lists that allow a
person to talk about a language.  'Monitors' are good
and necessary but incomplete and secondary to full
language learning.)"


-- Michael Millier

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