[b-hebrew] Genesis 15:6

waldo slusher waldoslusher at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 26 13:28:49 EDT 2003


I think the verse you point out in Hebrews 11 is
indeed a verse that references Abram's faith as far
back as you can go. That is, there is nothing in
Hebrews that limits Abram's faith to Haran, or for
that matter, Ur.

Perhaps my friend feels Hebrews 11 does not specify,
but to impose any anterior limits on it would be going
beyond the text.

I shall bring this verse to my friends attention.
Thanks again! I never did clarify with him whether he
was limiting his search to the OT. I certainly would
not think so in that he is not Jewish.

Waldo Slusher
Calgary, AB

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