[b-hebrew] Holem-waw in Unicode

Karljürgen Feuerherm cuneiform at rogers.com
Sat Jul 26 13:17:33 EDT 2003

Hi (again) Peter

[and yes, this time I got this list address from piggy-backing on a message
you sent to several lists... :)]

Ok. I never thought of the two as distinct until your comments the other day
regarding this subject, and then trying it out.

I've always thought of the consonants as primary, and the pointing as
secondary, and hence as the holem belonging to the waw regardless; but I
realized earlier today one might think of the two as separate systems and
thus linking the holem with the preceding consonant, except when consonantal
waw is indicated.

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> On 26/07/2003 08:43, Karljürgen Feuerherm wrote:
> >Hello
> >
> >Can someone tell me the correct order of entry of holem-waw in Unicode?
Are they considered equivalent when ô is indicated? (In Ezra SIL, at least,
they seem to render slightly differently.)
> >
> >holem, waw, or waw, holem?
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> >Thanks
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> Karljürgen, I will be interested to see what response you get from this
> list. Probably not much. I can tell you that different people have
> different ideas, but then I think you have seen this from the Unicode
> The slightly different rendering in Ezra SIL is intentional as the order
> waw - holem is intended for when waw is a consonant.
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