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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Wed Jul 23 15:34:02 EDT 2003

At 03:25 PM 7/23/03 -0400, you wrote:

>The wicked and the unfaithful cover for the righteous and the honest by
>comparison.  That is, the minor faults of the righteous and the honest (they
>do, after all, need a *kopher*) are lessened to negligible when compared
>with the ignominy of the wicked and the unfaithful.  Render a debt
>negligible--that's what a kopher does.

by comparison dont the wicked already seem worse off and the righteous
better off with less serious offenses?  I see what you mean; im just not
sure kopher can be used in such a comparative way (which is the same problem
I had with the solution I mentioned).




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