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Scholars in Jewish Studies and related fields are invited to contribute articles to  Volume 14 of Mo'ed - A Jewish Studies Annual, to appear in March-April 2004. Mo'ed is a refereed annual devoted to all branches and periods of Jewish Studies, and welcomes original contributions in these fields. 
Articles may be submitted for publication either in Hebrew or in English.  Hebrew articles are to include an English abstract and English articles are to include a Hebrew abstract of 200-300 words. Authors are responsible for any necessary translation of abstracts.
Articles are to be typed using a Word for Windows-compatible word processor and should be submitted in two hard copies accompanied by a diskette. Electronic transmission as an e-mail attachment is an acceptable alternativem but there is no guarantee that such submissions will arrive safely.
Articles submitted will not be returned.
Bibliographical references and other notes are to be typed as footnotes.
For all other matters of style and usage - spelling and punctuation, use of numbers, emphases, abbreviations, citation of texts and bibliographical references, contributors are referred to the Guidelines for Contributors appearing (in both Hebrew and English) in Mo'ed 13 (2003).
Revisions or any other changes in content recommended by the editors will be made by the authors; stylistic and grammatical changes will be made by the editors. 
Authors will receive one paginated proof for final corrections and approval, to be returned within fourteen days. Please refrain from introducing any changes in the final proof. The editors reserve the right to decide what changes are to be accepted and whether they are to appear within the text or at its end.
Authors bear sole responsibility for the opinions expressed in their articles and for the accurateness of quotes, references, dates and names. 
Authors will receive three copies of the issue in which their articles appear. Additional copies require payment.
The final date for submission of articles to Vol. 14 is 30 September 2003. 
Articles are to be submitted to:

Dr. Arie Don
Dr, Jonathan D. Safren
Mo'ed - A Jewish Studies Annual
Center for Jewish Culture
Beit Berl College
44905 Beit Berl College
e-mail: moed at beitberl.ac.il

Following is the Table of Contents of Mo'ed 13 (2003):


English Section
Remy Landau - Al-Biruni's Hebrew Calendar Enigmas
Byron L. Sherwin - Original Sin: Is It Sufficient for Us?

Abstracts of Hebrew Articles

Hebrew Section
Biblical Studies
David Elgavish - On the Droughts (Jer. 14:1 - 15:9): Structure and
Shamai Gelander - Missions and Diplomacy in Biblical Narratives
Mayer L. Gruber - How Can True Prophets Disagree?
Talya Horowitz - The Figure Of Orpah in an Inter-Disciplinary Perspective
Shlomo Weissblueth - A Study of Joel 3
Yitzhak (Itzik) Peleg - Vision and Message in Jacob's Dream
Edward L. Greenstein - Hermeneutics in the Biblical World:
      From Dream Interpretation to Textual Exegesis

Rabbinic Literature
Admiel Kosman - The Aggadah about the Conflict between Adam and the Angels
     over the Naming of the Animals according to the Eldad ha-Dani Version

Hebrew Language
Menahem Zevi Kaddari - Some Gleanings of Biblical Hebrew Lexicography
Gila Shilo - Presenting the Argument in Written Hebrew

Jewish Thought
Aryeh Don - The Three Festivals: Nature, Time and History

Jewish Education
Yairah Amit - Bible Teaching in the General Educational System in Israel -
       An Examination of the Curricula

Abstracts of English Articles

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