[b-hebrew] Basic question on Qal, Piel, and Pual

Tue Jul 22 12:09:14 EDT 2003

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waldoslusher at yahoo.com writes:

> It seems to me that these verb stems have the same
> consonantal FORMS, meaning that in ancient Hebrew (OT
> times), they were the same in FORM (since no vowel
> points were used) but different in FUNCTION. Is that
> correct?

Sometimes that is true....there are a few words that fit both Pa'al and Pi'el 
as far as spelling goes and yet mean very different things.  But I am not 
familiar with too many texts that are not evident from context.  
Although....MLQ...melech....molech....the word for King, or the word for a foreign god named 
Molech...can sometimes be confused....one such text might be Isaiah 30:33, 
among others.

Jeff Fisher
Tel Aviv

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