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Joe Baker joebaker at cygnus.uwa.edu.au
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Hi All

Just a note on the recent conversation on the origin of "saris" and when it
was introduced.

The word appears in the Aramaic Sefire stela's which were written around 750
BC. It does not have the connotation of "eunuch" and it is used in such a
way that the term must have been in use for some time within Aramean
circles. Here are the relevant passages

Sefire I Face B
45. [... .. against] my son or against one of my srs-(officials) and (if)
one of them flees and com[es.....]

Sefire III 
4 Now if a fugitive flees from me, one of my pqd-(officials) or one of my
brothers or one of 
5. my srs-(officials) or one of my people who are in my hand, and they go to

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