[b-hebrew] A threat to the integrity of the Hebrew language?

Jason Hare jason at jhronline.com
Sat Jul 19 08:05:48 EDT 2003


I kinda wanted to avoid this topic b/c of its
complexity. I use Unicode (via Charsets) in writing my
webpages since I deal with Hebrew. I see the
difficulty involved in using the present Israeli fonts
because I have to use ALT functions to insert vowels.
It's quite problematic (yet, do-able), but I can see
value in upgrading the whole of the system so that it
is more functional. HOWEVER, should that upgrade
include a separation from modern Israeli typesetting
in Unicode? I would venture that it should NOT. And my
reasoning behind it is like others on the list...
continuity. I already have four keyboards installed on
my system (EN GR AR HE), so to use yet another to
distinguish between Israeli and Biblical Hebrew is a
little out-of-the-way and sordid, if you ask me. I
should hate to have to DOUBLE code my pages (or make
duplicate pages... or some other absurd solution) so
that I can use both Israeli and Biblical Hebrew on my

Thanks for the info,
Jason Hare

jason at jhronline.com

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