[b-hebrew] Hebrew with Aramaic, Phoenician etc

Yigal Levin Yigal-Levin at utc.edu
Fri Jul 18 15:42:46 EDT 2003

At 02:14 PM 7/18/2003 -0500, Karl Randolph wrote:
>If Moses wrote the Torah as tradition avers, then the Phoenecians learned
the alphabet from the Hebrews, not the other way around.
Actually, there is a tradition quoted in the Talmud that the "original"
Torah that Moses received/wrote was in what the rabbis called "Assyrian"
script, meaning the square Aramaic script that they knew, and that it was
then "changed" to "Da'atz" or "Ra'atz" script (paleo-Hebrew/Phoenecian) as
a punishment for the Golden Calf. ..


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