[b-hebrew] A threat to the integrity of the Hebrew language?

Peter Kirk peter.r.kirk at ntlworld.com
Fri Jul 18 13:05:29 EDT 2003

On 18/07/2003 09:34, Yigal Levin wrote:

>Dear Peter,
>While I must admit that the technical aspects of Unicode are lost on me,
>I've had enough experience with Hebrew software being incompatible with
>other Hebrew software to understand the problem. My feeling is, that many
>of the academics who deal with Biblical Hebrew are incapable of, and have
>no wish to, read anything in non-Biblical Hebrew, modern or otherwise, and
>so they treat BH as if it were an isolated corpus. Would a scholar of, say,
>Medieval French, ever dare admit that he could not read a scholarly paper
>in modern French?
>As for Microsoft (and others), I fear that their agenda is to always
>develop new software that is incompatible with the old, in order to force
>everyone to "upgrade".
>At 08:49 AM 7/18/2003 -0700, Peter Kirk wrote:
>>No, I am not making allegations of another anti-Semitic or anti-Israel 
>>plot. ...
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Thank you, Yigal. I will copy this one just to Peter Constable, the main 
proposer it seems, as I am not sure how well it would be received by 
some others.

By the way, I tried to send an off list (but not very important) e-mail 
to you as Yigal-Levin at utc.edu a few days ago and it bounced. Well, maybe 
you deliberately use an invalid address on this list as a reasonable 
anti-spam measure. If it is not this, you need to check what is happening.

Peter Kirk
peter.r.kirk at ntlworld.com

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