[b-hebrew] Hebrew with Aramaic, Phoenician etc in scholarlypublications

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Actually, I have something similar on my Macintosh at home. I downloaded the Online Bible consonant only text and made a quick reconstruction of a paleo Hebrew font to fit it. It looks sort of like what such a manuscript may have looked like: the sin and shin look the same and the sofit glyphs are the same as the non-sofit glyphs, but the underlying code is still modern.

As far as I know, the Online Bible is the only version that has the option of a consonant only text, at least for the Macintosh. The main thing keeping me from taking that text and re-encoding it in paleo-Hebrew is that there is no such encoding in unicode yet.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> At 02:37 PM 7/16/2003 -0500, Karl Randolph wrote:
> >I also would like to see Tenakh in paleo-Hebrew, where the sin and shin
> are the same letter, where none of the sofit letters are found and where
> the spaces between words were written with dots. To the lexicographer, it
> may suggest connections where presently there are divisions based on modern
> (since Second Temple) Hebrew. 
> >
> Karl,
> I assume that you do remember that unlike inscriptions, we do not posess
> the text of the Tanakh "in paleo-Hebrew... where none of the sofit letters
> are found and where the spaces between words were written with dots." It's
> safe to assume that that's how the books that became the Tanakh were
> written, but in any case that's a scholarly reconstruction. If you want to
> write such a text, who's stopping you?
> Yigal
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