[b-hebrew] Babylonian pointing

Pere Casanellas pere.casanellas at btlink.net
Thu Jul 17 04:45:42 EDT 2003

Dear Peter,

Linguist's Software has an excellent font with Babylonian supralinear 
pointing (Hebraica II Supra). I think Phil Payne, from Linguist's Software, 
is well diposed to redesign this font as UNICODE, if a proposal for these 
characters is approved. Maybe he could give some help to make a proposal 
(they have an Hebrew Unicode font with Tiberian vocalization).

I am writing my thesis on the Targum. I am using mainly Yemenite 
manuscripts with supralinear vocalization and could help if necessary. I 
could  contact other scholars of the International Organization of Targum 
Studies, by means of the Targum List, if necessary. I could give some help 
starting on September.

This standard would be useful for many scholars.

Yours sincerely,

Pere Casanellas
E-mail: pere.casanellas at btlink.net
         pcasanel at pie.xtec.es


At 03:16 16/07/2003 -0700, Peter Kirk wrote:

>On 16/07/2003 02:51, Trevor & Julie Peterson wrote:
>Someone has been working on a proposal for the Babylonian and other 
>non-Tiberian vowel points, but progress has been slow or non-existent. 
>Probably more expert help is needed, which you, Trevor, might be able to 
>give. I could put you in touch with the intending proposer, off list. 
>Mind  you, the Aramaic, Phoenician etc outline proposals have not been 
>progressing for several years either, but they are in the queue and the 
>roadmap so a little ahead of the Babylonian etc pointing. But it is the 
>kind of queue which can be jumped quite easily if anyone wants to put in 
>the necessary effort e.g. to draft a formal proposal and to gather some 
>scholarly and technial support. The proposals that languish are ones which 
>are put forward for completeness rather than usefulness.
>Peter Kirk

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