[b-hebrew] Hebrew with Aramaic, Phoenician etc in scholarly publications

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at cua.edu
Wed Jul 16 11:47:38 EDT 2003

>===== Original Message From Peter Kirk <peter.r.kirk at ntlworld.com> =====
>But the question I asked was not what we think should be done, but what
>actually is done, or perhaps what would be done apart from purely
>mechanical typographical restrictions.

And that's the only reason that I resurrected the issue--because I think we're 
emerging from a set of constraints that have just recently been removed, and 
it's hard to say which way things are going to go. As far as noting the 
comparative data in a dictionary is concerned, my perspective is that 
gobbledygook in transcription is still gobbledygook. If a person doesn't know 
Ethiopic, an Ethiopic citation is not going to be terribly useful, whether 
it's transcribed or not.

Trevor Peterson

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