[b-hebrew] Prov 21:4

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Tue Jul 15 23:59:30 EDT 2003

In a message dated 7/15/2003 6:32:53 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
ben.crick at argonet.co.uk writes:
> the diligent wife whose *lamp* burns all night as she
> labours on, burning the midnight oil, earning revenue for the family with 
> her
> cottage industries.

Interesting.  My interpretation was that the lamp burns through the night so 
that (a) anyone who awakens has a night light, reflecting her caring even 
while she sleeps; and (b) in the morning, the oven/hearth can be lit and the 
breakfast cooked, baking commence, water heated for washing, etc, (all the 
necessities of a well-ordered household), without gathering kindling and rubbing 
sticks together or going to borrow a light from the neighbors.

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