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Tue Jul 15 14:58:40 EDT 2003

On 15/07/2003 11:26, Karl Randolph wrote:

>Actually Chronicles glossed over a lot of unsavory details of a lot of the kings, but I had reckened that that was because an editorial decision for briefness, not as an attempt to “clean up their reputations”.
>As far as offending Christians, don’t worry, we have scholarly answers that satisfy us. Furthermore, those of us learned enough to respond on this list have already heard both sides and are therefore unlikely to be offended.
>Karl W. Randolph.
Well, let me put it this way. According to Muslim tradition and the 
Qur'an, all prophets were sinless, and that includes most of the major 
figures in the Bible. According to the New Testament, only Jesus Christ 
was sinless and indeed all others have sinned. Some ancient Christian 
traditions also hold that the Virgin Mary was sinless.

Peter Kirk
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