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> What interests me is the way the question is worded in the preceding verse.
> Did they add "who entered your house," as NET suggests, to mask the sense, or
> was it really intended to clarify the question, since they knew it could be
> taken more than one way? In other words, I wonder if the men were trying to
> avoid a sexual implication and simply wanted to question her about whether the
> men had been there. The additional phrase could have been used to clear up
> possible confusion. But I'm not certain that this is in fact the case. It
> makes me wonder, though.


After some more thought I think we have two perspectives in this narrative
that need to be kept separate. There is the point of view of the narrator
and there is the story Rahab tells the "special ops team" from the King.

>From the narrators perspective we are being told that the spies came into
her house and she gave the lodging for the night. But when hit squad arrives
she lies through her teeth feeding them a very plausible story which is
designed to get rid of them.

I could be wrong of course, but that is they way I read if at the moment.

Clay Bartholomew 

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