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> Friends,
> I am forwarding from another email list, with permission, the email below
> related to Genesis 39:1, specifically the reference to Potiphar.  I include
> the 
> whole email for context without any intent of beginning a discussion of the
> philosophical issue raised.  The piece I hope to get some insights about is
> Potiphar's title (or is it just a description?) and translation thereof.
> Thanks

SRYS(saris) is translated most often in the LXX as EUNOUCOS (Gen. 39:1) or
ARCIEUNOUCOS (Dan 1:7) but also as SPADWN (Gen. 37:6). This is a likely
explanation for the Vulgate use of eunuchus in Gen. 39:1.

According to R.D. Patterson (TWOT p. 635) the LXX/Vulgate rendering is a
misunderstanding of the term which he reads as (court) official based on an
Akkadian title sa resi "the one at the king's head."

Clay Bartholomew 

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