[b-hebrew] qetseph in 2Ki 3:27

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Right!, Chemosh! I was blocking on the name.
 I should have gotten out my copy of the Mesha inscription to check.
There's a lot in the HB which is not particularly consisent with my
world view. For example, you have YHWH sending a lying spirit to
the prophets. You have a visible corporeal god in many places.
I don't try to explain these things, I don't try to harmonize them.
Not every bad thing in the HB comes from sin either,
the Hebrews were enslaved for (what is it 240 years?) and no
sin of theirs is ever implied.

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> Liz,
> Where else in the Hebrew Bible, and especially in the DH, do you see a
> foreign deity "defeating" Yahweh? Whenever Israel is defeated,
> it's because
> they have sinned and the enemy is serving as Yahweh's tool. Which is
> exactly why later exegetes tried to find a sin that Israel would have been
> guilty of, only in this story none is specified. That's why I don't
> understand the story.
> By the way, the Moabite god is Cheomosh. Milchom, a.k.a. Molech,
> is Ammonite.
> As for Dave's suggestion, I just don't see it in the text. Besides, I find
> it hard to picture any ancient soldiers as being so faint-hearted.
> Yigal
> At 10:29 AM 7/2/2003 -0400, Liz Fried wrote:
> >Dear All,
> >Do you not understand what the author is trying to tell you???
> >It was a divine anger from Molech that drove the attacking Israelite army
> away!
> >There are real gods out there, they have real powers.
> >The sacrifice was effective!
> >YHWH's power evidently ended at the Jordan.
> >Read the words!
> >Try to realize that this is not a 21st century book.
> >This is an ancient text, have some respect for its author.
> >Don't make him conform to your beliefs.
> >Liz
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