[b-hebrew] qetseph in 2Ki 3:27

Liz Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Wed Jul 2 14:24:34 EDT 2003

Clay wrote:
> Liz brought up the issue of agency for qetseph. David, do you need to make
> agency explicit in your target language or can you leave it ambiguous? If
> you are required to make it explicit then it becomes a
> probability issue. If
> we were translating Euripides, then Agamemnon offering up his daughter
> Iphigenia to Artemis in exchange for fair winds to sail off to Troy would
> not cause any problems but as Yigal has pointed out this isn't a probable
> solution in 2Kings.
> Liz no doubt will disagree with this assessment.

 Liz can you give us other
> examples where pagan deities are shown in the OT as responding
> favorably to
> human sacrifice or any other kind of sacrifice?
> This isn't a rhetorical question, I really want to know.

Well..., I don't think it's relevant really.....
Just cuz one episode sneaks in, that doesn't mean there'll be more.
Uh, how about Exodus 7:11,22; 8:7???
> greetings, Clay
> -

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