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Tue Jul 1 21:36:10 EDT 2003

Dear David:

First it seems to me that the phrase in question is QCP (L and not (L Y$R)L

The phrase QCP (L where QCP is a noun appears eight times in Tenakh: Numbers 1:53, 18:5, Joshua 9:20, Isaiah 34:2, Hosea 10:7, 1 Chronicles 20:24 and 2 Chronicles 24:20, 29:8.

My dictionary says that QCP means “anger with a desire for vengeance” as compared with )P generalized anger, XMH “anger, as a poisonous feeling that leads to cruelty”, XRH “anger, in the sense of burning, heat of emotion”.

Thinking through my fingers, it appears that the phrase, either as a verbal phrase or as a noun phrase, has not only the meaning of anger, but includes also the idea of being disgusted with. Thus in 2 Kings 3:27 I understood the phrase to indicate that not only were the people angered at the barbarity of King Mesha sacraficing his son, but they turned away in disgust from having to face it.

By the way, I am running an older OS that the latest version of Netscape will not run on, namely Macintosh 9.1. As much as I like the Macintosh, it looks as if I will turn to Linux, but not yet. Most of my work is still on an older Macintosh, a 68K one running OS 8.1. Thus I am still depending on the transliterations as found on http://ibiblio.org/bhebrew/ .

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "David Gray" <david_gray at sil.org>

> I meant 2Ki 3:27 below:
> Folks,
> I have a question re. this verse:
> קֶצֶף
> (qetseph)
> and the phrase
> עַל־יִשְׂרָא֑ל
> ('al-yisrael)
> only occurs here and in 1Ch 27:24, where it is clearly God's anger against Israel.
> So whose qetseph and why did it come upon Israel here in 2Ki 3:27?
> Yours hopefully, David Gray
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