FW: [b-hebrew] qetseph in 2Ki 3:27

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Tue Jul 1 14:09:52 EDT 2003

At 10:59 AM 7/1/03 -0700, you wrote:

>Jim, all I am suggesting is that you should get the right tools for the 
>job you want to do.

This is an amazing presumptive statement.  You presume that those without a
particular browser are not using the right tools!  If one were to discuss
this thoroughly, the logical conclusion would be- if you want to discuss
Hebrew then you should have formally studied Hebrew in a University or
Graduate School program- and then you can do so.  You thereby dismiss all
those folks on list who have not had the benefit of advanced Hebrew studies.
(And you raise the question of your own qualifications to comment at all).  

Personally I am glad the list allows questions from all types of folks with
all sorts of browsers and email programs.  But again, to follow your
reasoning, only those with what you deem acceptable would be allowed.  In
short, what you are really suggesting is that only those who meet your
personal idiosyncratic requirements be allowed to participate.  I reject
this notion absolutely.

 >If you want to cut a plank of wood, you get a saw 

or a chainsaw or a hacksaw or a sharp ginsu knife.  Who appointed you
declarer of appropriate tools?

>and don't try to do it with a penknife, or a stone axe to continue my 
>earlier analogy. If you want to discuss Hebrew on the Internet, you 
>should get the tools 

no- I should use what I wish and list participants should follow the
existing rules.

>(which are free!) which allow you to do so 
>efficiently and properly. If the list rules say otherwise, in my opinion 

And why is your opinion of value?  What are your qualifications:
A) to comment on Hebrew
B) to comment on web/email tools

>they should be changed, though not of course without adequate discussion 
>and notice.

No, they are absolutely across the board useful as they stand.

>Meanwhile, David did provide the transliteration according to the 
>current list rules, though admittedly not technically using the official 
>transliteration format.

When I received the email it was goop.  The only thing legible was the
passage citation.




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