[b-hebrew] 'Blessing' - Root from???

Kirk Lowery klowery at wts.edu
Tue Jan 21 17:21:54 EST 2003

Trevor Peterson wrote:

>>===== Original Message From watts-westmaas <watts-westmaas at zonnet.nl> =====
>>And why would a verb,
>>(BRCH), that essentially linked to 'Kneeling' also be used to mean 'To
>>Curse' since I know of at least 4 hebrew words for 'Curse'? Thankyou all.
>I think it's generally understood to be a euphemism, so instead of actually 
>saying "curse," you could be more polite by saying "bless."
Here are some places where BRK is understood to be euphemistic:

1 Kings 21:10,13
Job 1:5,11

Blessings (no euphemism intended! :-)

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