[b-hebrew] Preferred Unicode Hebrew font

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Tue Dec 30 08:12:53 EST 2003

On 29/12/2003 17:57, Christopher V. Kimball wrote:

> Would someone please recommend a Unicode Hebrew font capable of 
> displaying cantillation marks?  I'm currently using Ezra SIL, which 
> looks great for consonants and vowels, but which sometimes overwrites 
> cantillation marks with the consonants.  Of course, free is the best 
> cost.
> Chris Kimball
Chris, this seems an unlikely problem with Ezra SIL, although I know 
that in certain circumstances vowels can interact undesirably with 
accents. As far as I know Ezra SIL works only with Windows. Correct 
ordering of various combining marks is required, because of limitations 
of the Microsoft Uniscribe script processor, and it is essential to use 
a sufficiently recent version of Uniscribe (as explained in the Ezra SIL 
documentation. Nevertheless, it is the best font available so far, until 
the SBL one is released.

If you can let me have a sample of text which is rendered incorrectly 
with Ezra SIL, I will see if I can advise you how to correct the 
problem, and if necessary report it to the font designers. Please let me 
know what OS and application software you are using.

Peter Kirk
peter at qaya.org (personal)
peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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