[b-hebrew] What did Tamar cook?

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Fri Dec 26 14:50:37 EST 2003

What did Tamar feed her half-brother Amnon in 2 Samuel 13?

The word LBBWT used for a food item is found in Tanakh only in this passage.

In the passage, we find that it is made of dough that is kneaded, then cooked. The word for cooking, B$L usually refers to cooking in water, i.e. boiling.

We then find that Tamar took M$RT and poured out before Amnon. Is the same M$RT as found in Numbers 6:3 referring to juice? (I think the evidence is pretty strong that sin and shin were the same letter at that time, thus making it possible that the two terms were then the same.)

Taking all the clues together, did Tamar cook a dumpling soup and pour it into a bowl (the bowl being understood) before Amnon?

Any thoughts?

Karl W. Randolph.                                                                                                                         
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