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Dear A. Philip Brown II:

I read this verse as “Foolishness speaks forth guilt, but among straightness (as in ‘straight arrow, upright’) there is satisfaction.”

)WLYM I read as a noun made from an adjective by the addition of the YM ending, similar to that of N(YM meaning pleasentness, ($WQYM meaning fraud, RXMYM meaning mercifulness, and others.

LYC as a verb has the meaning of speaking out, being a spokesperson, also to babble (be a fool, for a repeated virtue in Proverbs of the wise is that they know when to still their tongue while fools babble on). Nouns from the same root include MLYC spokesperson, hence translator LC a babbler, hence a fool, LCWN babbling, hence foolishness.

)$M, like X+)H, refers both to the fault and to the action taken to make restitution. In this verse, I read it according to the fault, in this case, guilt.

BYN means in, among, and/or between. I read it as having a meaning very similar to the German word unter.

In keeping with the parallelism of the verse, I read Y$RYM with the same grammatical format as )WLYM above.

Again, keeping in context with the whole book of Proverbs, justness, straightness, wisdom provide satisfaction, while the opposite ultimately fails.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Hello,
> I would be interested in getting some feedback from the list on Prov. 14:9.
> My initials thoughts:
> Prov. 14:9 The use of AF$FM and RFCOWN in sacrificial contexts (cf. Lev.
> 1:3; 19:5), seems to suggest that the proverb means  Fools mock at
> restitution, but among the upright there is acceptance;
> Two questions:
> 1.  Is there any validity to the AVs translation of AF$FM as 'sin'?
> 2.  In what sense is there RFCOWN among the Y:$FRIYM?
> Perhaps:  (1) the upright enjoy Gods favor because they make restitution
> when they do wrong, or (2) the upright experience the acceptance of those to
> whom they make restitution and thus there is favor 'among' B"YN the upright.
> Philip Brown
> Any corrections on transliteration appreciated.
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