[b-hebrew] B-Hebrew Transliteration.

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> I'm new to the list and want to know the ASCII transliteration scheme
> currently being used by B-Hebrew.


At one time there was a transliteration scheme which was posted on the 
information page.  I no longer see it there.  I have pasted it below.  My own 
personal idiosyncracy with regard to this is to make the consonants caps and the 
vowels lower case.

Aleph   ) or '  
Beth    B   
Gimel   G   
Daleth  D   
Heh     H   
Waw     W   
Zayin   Z   
Cheth   X   
Teth    +   
Yod     Y   
Kaph    K   
Lamedh  L   
Mem     M   
Nun     N   
Samek   S   
Pe  P   
Ayin    ( or `  
Tsade   C   
Qoph    Q   
Resh    R   
Sin     &   
Shin    $   
Tav     T   
Patah   A   
Qamets  F   
Segol   E   
Tsere   "   
Hireq   I   
Holem   O   
Qamets Chatuf   F   
Qibbuts     U   
Shureq  W   
. Shewa     :   
Hatef Patah     :A  
Hatef Segol     :E  
Hatef Qamets    :F  
Ketiv   *   
Qere    **  
Dagesh  .   
Meqqeph     -   


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