[b-hebrew] "Hosanna in the highest" in Hebrew?

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> Hosanna (Hoshana) is indeed save-please, or bring us salvation, please, or Please, G-d, bring us
salvation. Na is the particle of entreaty, either translated as "please", or left untranslated.
> [snipped]
> In other words, the NT describes a custom, but the author got the festivals mixed (Pesach instead of
Sukkot). Why do you think they run around yelling "Hosanna"? The context and meaning are lost in the NT
text IMVHO.)
Who is to say that "Hosanna" was said only at Sukkot? The psalms of assent were used when pilgrims went to
Jerusalem, including for Passover. Why could they not have used also Psalm 118:25-26 at Passover?
Especially since the crowd believed Jesus to be the Messiah, it would be very natural for them to say,
"Hoshiah-na ... Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD." Besides, the four Gospels were written
before the Talmud was completed, so the recollections of eye-witnesses (e.g. Matthew) ought not to be
disallowed because later generations of Jews regularly did something similar to the Palm Sunday crowd,
only at a different time of year.

Mark Eddy

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