[b-hebrew] Understanding BHS text! (apologies for the cross-posting)

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Dear Friend Yousaf,

You asked a very similar question on the B-Greek list regarding the New
Testament.  Some of us may be curious to know what kind of research it is
you are conducting.  It is only right that you indicate this, because those
who have the ability and inclination to help may or may not help on the
grounds of your reasons.

In Christ (p.b.u.h. hmmm?)

James Forsyth

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Dear friend,

Greetings.  I would like to know if there are any passages in the BHS that
are regarded as later additions to the text, but which are of evident
antiquity and importance and also words whose presence or position in the
text is regarded as disputed.

I there is already a list of such passages or words please send it to me.

Your response shall be appreciated.



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