[b-hebrew] Attributes and Events

CS Bartholomew jacksonpollock at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 5 13:57:52 EST 2003

R. de Blois* in chapters 3 and 4 defines a new (?) semantic model of
Biblical Hebrew which includes a high level category "Events" quite unlike
anything I have seen before. I am still digesting this model and haven't
made up my mind about it yet but if I end up having any serious problem with
R. de Blois' proposal I suspect it will have to do with his "Events"

For example take the following quote:



 On the basis of what we have seen so far there does not seem to be any
convincing reason to maintain Attributes as a distinct semantic class in our
semantic framework for a lexicon of Biblical Hebrew based on semantic
domains. There are too many similarities between Attributes and Events
according to the model we have constructed for Events in chapter 3.

******end quote******

I know there are some people on this list (a few) who have reviewed this
proposal and are working on a semantic domains dictionary project
independent of the SDBH (UBS) project. I would like to know what some of
these people think about R. de Blois' treatment of Events and Attributes.

Looking over his example in 4.3.1 using GDL, I was left wondering why this
was used as evidence for his collapsing Attributes into Events. The
"behavior" of GDL in the passages cited (2 Sam 7:22,Ezek 38:23, Psa 138:2)
is comparable (is it not?) to the "behavior" of the MEGA word group in
Homeric and Attic Greek.

Anyway, I am still mulling this over and wondering if anyone else found
themselves raising their eyebrows in chapters 3 and 4.

Clay Bartholomew 
Reinier de Blois
United Bible Societies
Woerden (Utr.), The Netherlands

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