[b-hebrew] Biblica 84 fascicle 4

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Thu Dec 4 10:40:09 EST 2003

The following articles which may be of interest to the list have been 
posted to the Biblica website as part of fascicle 4 of Biblica 84 (2003):

Antje LABAHN - Ehud BEN ZVI, «Observations on Women in the Genealogies of 1 
Chronicles 1–9» , Vol. 84(2003) 457-478.

Michael AVIOZ, «When Was the First Temple Destroyed, According to the 
Bible?» , Vol. 84(2003) 562-565.
             This article deals with the contradiction between 2 Kgs 25 and 
Jer 52 regarding the date on which the First Temple was destroyed.

Maurice A. O'Sullivan  [ Bray, Ireland ]
mauros at iol.ie

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