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Yes, the root K(R "ugly" does appear in later Hebrew, though not in the
Bible as far as I know. But it's spelled with an 'ayin, not aleph.

But even so, what does "my hands and feet are ugly" mean in this context?
How does it solve the problem?

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> >Some of the Midrashim got creative with the MT, but
> >nothing that is exegetically compelling:
> >
> >”My hands and my feet they made repulsive [from Heb.
> >K’AR—ugly, repulsive]” . According to R. Judah, Esther
> >[the supposed author of Psa 22] said: "Though Haman's
> >sons practiced sorcery on me so that in the sight of
> >Ahaseurus my hands and feet were repulsive, yet a
> >miracle was wrought for me, and my hands and my feet
> >were made to shine like sapphires.
> >
> >
> This one looks interesting. Is there really a Hebrew K'AR "ugly,
> repulsive"? It doesn't seem to be attested elsewhere in the Bible, but
> if it is later Hebrew it may well have been in occasional (perhaps
> dialectal or informal) use earlier. But the meaning is more likely to be
> "my hands and my feet were repulsive", with the adjective interchanging
> with a stative verb.
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