[b-hebrew] Re: 22nd Psalm & 40th Psalm

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Tue Dec 2 15:10:08 EST 2003

I should note that my rendering of Aramaic BZ( as "dig" was based on the
Qumran targum of Job 11Q10 12 7, where it appears to translate the Hebrew
BQ( of Job 28:10. Jastrow has "split, perforate, rend" for BZ(, usually
happening to fabrics, but also to the sea and (most relevant for our
purposes) a lip.

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> > > Peshitta:022017 mTl dxdrwny klb:), wknw$t) dby$:)
> > > krkwny, bz(w ):ydy wr:gly,
> And the council of the bad encircled me, they dug -BZ(- my 
> hands and my feet.

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