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As long as you ask, I found two differnt interpretations among "classical"
Jewish commentators, all of course based on the MT k)ry "like a lion": most
understand "like a lion [they bite] my hand and feet". Rashi even adds a
reference to Isaiah 38:13. On the other hand, Abraham Ibn-Ezra understands
the k)ryto be a part of the previous phrase: "a company of evildoers
encircles me LIKE A LION; my hands and feet [are bound so I can neither
fight nor escape]".

My wife Sharon, by the way suggested that we look into "kartu" instead of
"karu", from KRT, "to cut off" - "they cut off my hands and feet". Any

By the way, where does the NRSV "my hands and feet have shiveled" come from?


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> On 30/11/2003 18:22, Jason Hare wrote:
> >Any non-Christian discussions of these passages? I should like to see
> >something other than this type of eisegesis ("Let's interpret the text
> >on the NT!").
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> >Jason
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> Jason, you are not being fair to these authors here. Yes, it is clear
> that they are Christians and so have some preference for a particular
> interpretation. But the arguments they actually use are from the texts,
> MSS, translations etc, and not from the NT. Tim Hegg makes no reference
> to the NT until he has completed his argument. Lyle Lange's discussion
> of this textual problem makes no reference to the NT, or to Christian
> commentators except for Jerome, although it quotes several Jewish sources.
> But I agree that it would be good to see discussions from Jewish or (if
> there are any) neutral sources.
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