[b-hebrew] Hebrew Tutor (again!)

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Mon Dec 1 17:05:41 EST 2003

Hi Clay,

I know of the following Hebrew-teaching software for Windows:

1.	Hammoreh. Hebrew Grammar Tutorial (Gramcord)

2.	Hebrew Tutor (Parsons)
http://www.parsonschurch.com/products/other/hebrewtutor.htmlI  or

3.	Learning to Read Hebrew
http://www.davka.com/cgi-bin/product.cgi?product=58 <http://www.davka.com/>

4.	(Unverified) Fluent Biblical and Modern Hebrew, by Dr. David Bivin
(advanced level) Center for Judaic-Christian Studies, Makor, Inc, P. O. Box
293040, Dayton, OH 45429; tel: (800) 308-6506, fax: (513) 434-3366 

5.	(Unverified) "Hooked on Hebrew/At Home with Hebrew"
<http://hebrewresources.com/> http://hebrewresources.com/  

6.	(Unverified) Hebrew Quiz, by David Rapier

> Looking over the web ad's for Hebrew Tutor (Parsons) gives
> the impression
> that it is still a mid '90s product. Is this true?
> What are the alternatives?
> I am filling a request from a far away place for a " a good
> interactive
> course of Biblical Hebrew" for students who know some English
> as a second
> language. The product must run **well** on the current
> Windows platforms
> about which I am clueless being a Mac user.
> Any ideas?

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