[b-hebrew] Re: 22nd Psalm & 40th Psalm

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Dec 1 07:34:08 EST 2003

On 30/11/2003 18:22, Jason Hare wrote:

>Any non-Christian discussions of these passages? I should like to see
>something other than this type of eisegesis ("Let's interpret the text based
>on the NT!").
Jason, you are not being fair to these authors here. Yes, it is clear 
that they are Christians and so have some preference for a particular 
interpretation. But the arguments they actually use are from the texts, 
MSS, translations etc, and not from the NT. Tim Hegg makes no reference 
to the NT until he has completed his argument. Lyle Lange's discussion 
of this textual problem makes no reference to the NT, or to Christian 
commentators except for Jerome, although it quotes several Jewish sources.

But I agree that it would be good to see discussions from Jewish or (if 
there are any) neutral sources.

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