[b-hebrew] software question: circlet indicating uncertain reading?

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Wed Aug 27 11:04:09 EDT 2003

Dear Søren,

The Megillot list (open to Qumran academics such as yourself) is a good
place to discuss such Dead Sea Scrolls topics.

I type Hebrew in MS Word 2002 without Unitype Global Office, using Insert
Symbol 05AF to get HEBREW MARK MASORA CIRCLE, as Peter suggested. This
character is included in the standard Microsoft font Times New Roman, as
well as in free Hebrew Unicode fonts such as Ezra SIL and free general
Unicode fonts such as Cardo, TITUS Cyberbit Basic, and Code2000.

As Giuseppe and Trevor noted, it would be best  (in principle) to use the
COMBINING RING ABOVE (030A). However, the only font I know of that places
this character properly using current releases of MS Word and Uniscribe is a
font I created myself (based on the Hodayot scroll), and this font is not
really appropriate for an article.
So for your purposes, I would recommend the Masorah circle, using Ezra SIL
or Cardo (Times New Roman has a couple of quirks, and Code2000 and TITUS do
not place the circle well). Later, if fonts or applications or Uniscribe
improves, you can replace your masora circles with combining rings above.

Ken Penner, McMaster/DSS
Dead Sea Scrolls  list owner,

> A little circlet above the letter in question. 
> How does one type the little critter?
> I'm usually writing in MS Word, inserting Hebrew by means of 
> "Unitype Global
> Office" in a font called UT Hebrew David or alternatively UT Hebrew
> Frankruhl

> So if something else is recommended, I'm listening.
> The immediate reason for asking is the preparation of an 
> article which it'd
> be nice to have come out right if printed by someone the 
> other side of the
> planet - little circlets and all :-)

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