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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 27/08/2003 00:58, furuli at online.no wrote:

>> I keep reading the above in different words, from
>> various posters, and I still issue the challenge to
>> prove it.  Who can prove that this concept of
>> NEFESH=soul found in the Intertestamental Writings,
>> the Mishna, and the New Testament was simply adopted
>> from the Greeks?  Counter to "the Hebrew mind."
>> Wouldn't it be better for us to admit that this is
>> merely a working assumption?  Not a fact.
> ... I dispute that you find an immaterial soul (YUCH) in the NT, but 
> the teaching of the soul in the NT is exactly the same as in the 
> Tanakh,  ...

For once I agree with Rolf on this one. The concept of the immortal soul 
was not an original part of Christianity any more than of Jewish 
religion. Early Christianity shared with second temple Judaism a concept 
of the resurrection of the body, i.e. of the complete person, but not of 
the separate immortality of the soul.

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