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> Hi Jason,

Hi Paul. ;-)

> So what you say is the "causative agent" is the person and the "subject"
is the heart. For example, when I said "I
> believe" actually is "I cause my heart to believe" is this what you try to

No. It is not your heart that is being made "certain," but the thing
believed. If I *think* something, implying uncertainty, then I do not
profess it. I state my opinion, and that is that. *Belief* goes further. It
is something that is not "vague" and sort-of "out there." As far as I am
concerned, it is fact. I take what does not necessarily have any PROOF and
accept it as immutable TRUTH. Thus, I make what is uncertain "certain" in my
mind/heart. The claim is the object of my faith. Does that make sense?

The root )MN in the Qal does not mean "to believe," but "to be firm." So,
when you make it Hiphil, it takes on the meaning "to make firm, certain." I
think that may be your confusion. )NY M)MYN [ani ma'amin] does not mean "I
make [so-and-so] believe," but "I make [such-and-such] firm." By believing
it, you make it a surety. I hope I have cleared that up. This is how I see
things, anyway. Others may disagree. (Comments???)

> Please point me to where are the Thirteen Arcticles of the Faith reference
verses, Thank you very much.

The thirteen articles are part of the morning prayers. They are in many
siddurim. As far as finding them online, I'm not sure. If you're that
interested in seeing the Hebrew wording, I can copy them from my siddur and
place them on my website. Just let me know offlist and I will do that for
you. I will provide a translation, if you need.

For a basic layout of the articles, see this page:


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