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Dear Bryan:

I was looking at verses like Ezekiel 7:26 where all the other items listed were spoken, implying that HWH is also spoken. Psalm 38:13 indicates that people speak HWWT. Psalm 91:3 talks about those who speak rumors. Also Proverbs 17:4 talks about hypocritical lips and rumor mongoring tongue. In Job 6:30 Job questions if there is injustice in his tongue and his palate understands rumor.

My dictionary lists HWH as being “rumor, gossip, idle words that destroy”.

The verbal form is normally listed as “to become”. However “to report” or “to spread a rumor” seems to be a perfectly acceptable reading of Nehemiah 6:6, and the concept of reporting is not out of line for Genesis 27:29 and Qohelet 2:22.

Where does “love” come in?

“To fall” is used twice, but both times it is written as HW) ending with an alep, not a hey. I doubt it should be listed under the same root.

My conclusion from the above verses is that a report is being spoken about, but, just as BC(  betse‘e  has the meaning of “cut” as in share of profit and is used in the positive sense (Genesis 27:26) but most often in the negative sense as shown by the contexts, so HWH has the meaning of report, but the contexts shows that most often it is used in the negative sense as a rumor.

There is a total of about 20 times that HWH is used in Tenakh either as a verb or a noun.

Yours, Karl W. Randolph.

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> Hi Karl,
> I don't think that HWH has the meaning of rumor either verbally or in derived nouns.  Forms of havvah (destruction) or havoah (disaster) are sometimes found in poetic contexts that include evil talk, but that is only coincidental/anecdotal.  The lexicons I have assign the glosses 1. fall, 2. become, 3. love.  Noun forms include havvah, capriciousness; havvah, destruction; and havoah, disaster.
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